Onesie and Post-surgical

One-piece girdles to shape the body

The jumpsuit is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and comfortable garments we can opt for. In addition, they can have a perfect post-surgical function for when we are recovering and need a garment that guarantees that everything will remain firm.

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    We have to think that when, for example, we are in the postpartum period, we may need some clothing that allows us to keep everything in place and help our recovery. For this, the Salome Colombian reducing girdle has a postpartum slimming effect that allows us to lift the buttocks. A onesie garment very suitable for after giving birth.

    Push-up girdles to enhance buttocks

    A garment that is also very useful as well as sensual is the Salomé short Colombian butt lifter girdle with a push up effect. One of the most outstanding characteristics of this garment is that its thong-type panties generate a very attractive and sensual effect that enhances the curves of any woman.
    In addition, there are multiple garments with different levels of compression to help keep our entire body always firm. The jumpsuit is the perfect garment to spend a full day without having to worry about rearranging the different clothes we are wearing.