100% Colombian Salomé Girdles

Salomé Shapewear: The 100% Colombian Shapewear

The 100% Colombian Salomé girdles are without a doubt one of the most interesting pieces for women. There are different models that will allow us to choose thong-type panties or culottes to cover the entire buttock area, and different options with or without straps.

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    All types of Colombian girdles Salomé

    Among the most interesting options we find 100% Colombian post-surgical bras, perfect for those women who have undergone some type of breast surgery. This option is great to be able to ensure that we will not have any problems after the operation.

    The 100% Colombian Salomé faja bodysuit with lace panty and free bust is a fantastic option for women who want to wear their own bra in the upper area but want all the firmness and grip of a Salomé faja bodysuit. This option allows us to have the grip of the girdle and also has straps which makes it especially firm so that we do not have to reposition anything during the day.

    The Salomé lady waistband is a Colombian slimming girdle that has a very comfortable zipper closure to adapt it correctly to our figure.

    Salomé vest girdle for men

    There are also products for men such as the Salomé girdle for men that has chest, abdomen and back compression, perfect for showing off a toned and firm appearance for men.