Enhances Buttocks

Push Up Girdles to lift the buttocks

Enhancing the buttocks is one of the goals of any woman to be able to show off perfect buttocks. To do this, we have the help of a series of girdle models that will allow us to achieve that enhanced buttock effect that is so aesthetically pleasing.

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    Push Up Girdle Panty

    The push up girdle panty that lifts the buttocks free is a fantastic example. It is a garment that will allow us to perform the buttock thanks to its push-up effect, but unlike other garments that may not be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, its thong-type panties will allow us to show off truly spectacular buttocks when Let's wear this piece of lingerie.

    Buy Salomé slimming girdle

    If we want to opt for a set that does not have the thong type panties, then we have the Salomé Colombian reducing girdle , which also has a slimming effect and has been specifically designed to help with the postpartum period. You also have the one-piece Colombian girdle that has straps and is perfect for achieving a double effect, on the one hand, we take advantage of its slimming effect and on the other hand we take advantage of its ability to lift buttocks. Choose your model and color, since we have black or beige sashes.